A very exciting thing happened this month… Dorian, our commander and chief achieved the verified blue tick form Designer KB and is now a D-Lister…

About The D-List

The D-List is the definitive list of who to watch in the world of kitchen and bathroom design. It comprises a wide range of designers who are continuing to innovate and re-invent their kitchen and bathroom designs. Whilst some featured names are fairly new to the design world, others have a well-established track record but continue to introduce new ideas within the industry. However, what they all have in common is the way in which their work inspires and encourages others to continue raising the bar in both kitchen and bathroom practicality and style.

New for 2018, we have introduced the verified mark. This blue tick is awarded to a kitchen or bathroom designer to recognise their design talent and innovation. The verified mark is granted only to the select group of designers chosen for inclusion within the d-list. This scheme, allows nominees to proudly display the verified blue tick, showing their inclusion on the official d-list.

See him in his hall of fame HERE

Dorian says: Being selected for the D list 2018 as a definitive one to watch in the world of kitchen and bathroom design has made my year. There are certain personal goals that you assign yourself to make sure you are achieving what you set out to do and for me this is one of those goals. You could even call it a dream. I am honoured to be selected and so incredibly proud and grateful to the team that helped me get to this place.”